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Inman Wedding ~ Shania & Tyler ~ Eugene OR

This young couple was just one of the sweetest! Everything about their day was geared around having fun and celebrating with their family and friends. One way they incorporated family was having the bride's sister be the officiant. And in this decision, the bride and her sister had discussed the kiss moment. Another priority for the bride was her photos. When the sister announced them as husband and wife, she stepped about 3 feet away from behind the bride and groom while they shared their first kiss. As a photographer, I was ecstatic! Usually there is always a portion of the officiant's head or shoulder that ends up in the first kiss photo.

Another thing that I as the photographer appreciated about this couple was they did their entire first dance with no one else on the floor. I've seen a trend of some couples midway through their dance inviting others to join them. Why they do this, I don't know. You only have that first dance once. Take the time to enjoy it. Cherish it. The others will get their turn.

Dear Shania & Tyler,

May you always look at each other the way you did on your wedding day! Such joy. Such love. Such promise. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your day.

Many best wishes on your future together!


DJ: Fallon Love Productions

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