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Elkins Wedding ~ Bailey & Cody ~ Village Green Resort, Cottage Grove OR

There were so many precious moments from this young couple's wedding day. Mother of the bride seeing her daughter in her wedding dress. Bride giving her father a gift to commemorate the occasion. Bride nursing her infant daughter in her wedding gown. Groom dancing with his infant daughter (her first father/daughter dance).

Capturing these precious moments is what makes being a photographer so special. These are once in a lifetime moments on a singular day. Their wedding day. Moments happen every day, but the wedding day has more than most. It is the true starting a new chapter. Life together. As husband and wife.

Dear Bailey & Cody,

Thank you for the privilege of being part of your wedding day! May you never forget the joy of this day. Being surrounded by friends and family who love you. Now you move forward together and with your own family. Keep each other first in your marriage.

Many blessings,


Cake: Bonnie at Exclusively Bridal

Flowers: Alice at Awesome Blossom

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