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New Year! New Goals! It is 2020!

Can you believe it is a new year? A new decade! And with the new year comes new goals. I'm not just talking about "I want to lose a few pounds." I do want to do that but I am talking about specific, measurable personal and business goals that I want to achieve this year.

Some of my personal goals include:

1. Get out of debt. Yes, I said the dreaded D word. Or maybe you just think it is a normal thing and considering the statistics it is pretty normal for folks to have debt. Did you know that 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck? 78%!! That means 3 out of every 4 people are barely making it. I don't want to live this way anymore. I will share more about the plan I am following in a future blog.

2. Develop 3 very deep female friendships. I miss having more close female friendships. You know the kind where you can call or text when you just wanna talk or need some feedback. Since moving to a smaller town, finding good female friends has been harder. And it is harder anyways once life takes you in different directions. Some are married with kids and I'm single and running a business.

3. Visit PEI. This has been a dream of mine since I watched Anne of Green Gables years ago. I want to see Green Gables, the lake of shining waters, and maybe the White Sands Hotel. (p.s. If you love Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows, be sure to check out Road to Avonlea series).

Some of my business goals:

1. Book 20 weddings. This would match the number of weddings I did in 2019. This feels like a good number. Being busy without feeling buried in work. With the goal to provide quality customer service and faster turn around time, it is important to allow room in the schedule for self-care too.

2. Book 1 destination wedding. I love shooting weddings - the once in a lifetime moments and emotions! My desire is to start doing more destination weddings outside the Pacific Northwest. Every place has its' own unique beauty. As a photographer, I want to experience more unique beauty.

3. Book 4 boudoir sessions a month. In case you didn't know, I am adding boudoir sessions. It is a wonderful opportunity for women to do something that will help them feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered! As a woman, I know how easy it is to be so busy caring for others, working, etc that we don't pur ourselves first once in a while.

So what are your specific, measurable goals for 2020? I'd love to hear about them :)

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