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YOUnique Wedding Ideas

Your wedding is all about You and Your Fiancé! As a wedding photographer, I've seen some awesome ways to make a wedding day unique to you.

  1. If your significant other doesn't want to do a first look, then consider a first look with your dad, your bridesmaids or even the groomsmen.

  2. Record a personal message to your dad/mom to play during bride/father and groom/mother dances. This one made me tear up! So special.

  3. Have a special bride/mom dance if she would enjoy that. Seriously, why not?

  4. Include the animals! If they are important to you, then include the dog, the horse, etc.

  5. Groom toast to bride during toasts. Ok, so this one I haven't seen except in movies, but wonder why it isn't done more.

  6. Private vow exchange. If you are feeling shy or perhaps just wanting to keep it special, consider a private vow exchange during your first look.

The whole point of this blog is just to give you permission to do what you want. It is YOUR day. These ideas can also help you create beautiful, special memories for you and your loved ones. Moments that can also be captured via photo & video for remembrance.

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