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3 Ways to Make Extra Cash (Right Now!)

You may read in previous blogs about my journey to becoming #debtfree. It is an ongoing process that has been slowed due to the Covid 19 crisis. During this time, I have had to pivot (this has now become my word for 2020) and think of other ways to bring in some income. Maybe you are in this spot too?

1. Ebay - sell items you don't need. Pay attention to items that are selling right now! This does ebb and flow with the times. Right now, I've had success with health related items (energy drink mixes) and puzzles. Think things that people can do from home.

2. Thredup - sell unwanted clothes, shoes, and handbags. Seriously, they make it too easy! Go to Thredup and order a cleanout bag. You can order a donation kit to directly donate or a selling kit to recoup a bit of your money. They mail you a bag, you stuff it full, send it back (using their prepaid label)! That's it.

3. Tutor - kids aren't in physical school. They are learning online. And that can make it harder for them to get direct help from teachers who are also having to adapt to the online format. Not all companies require a teaching license to tutor. Check out Tutor Doctor and VIPkid.

4. Acorns - app for phone that helps you save money. This app connects to your bank account and other accounts. You can set up an automatic withdrawal of an amount once a month. Also you can have it round up any expenditures that don't end in .00. The round-ups over time do add up. Check it out here!

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me with any questions about these :)

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