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What to Include in Your Engagement Session?

When preparing for your engagement session, try to think of ways to share your story. The couple above, for example, chose to wear the same outfits they wore on their first date. They also included the family dog. (I LOVE including dogs in photos during an engagement session and/or on the wedding day).

First, if time permits, maybe consider a second outfit. Having options increases the diversity. One outfit can be dressy and the other can be more casual. Along with this, maybe also get that engagement ring cleaned.

Second, if you are getting a hair/makeup trial, this is a great time to use that! Then you also see how it comes out in photos.

Third, make a day of it! You are already dressed up, so why not make it a hot date!

Fourth, think about the when and where. You can have an awesome place with lovely scenery, but you must also think about where the sun will be. This will help good photos be great photos! Your photographer can help with this :)

Lastly, if you'd like to include pets, consider bringing along a friend who the pet is familiar with to care for them during photos that don't include the pet.

If you have other questions regarding doing an engagement session, your photographer can certainly help! Feel free to ask me I f you don't already have a photographer.

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