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McElrath Wedding ~ Rachel & Anthony ~ Driftwood Shores, Florence OR

This young couple decided to do a two part wedding. Two different events, two different states. "Why?" you might ask. This is not the first time I've heard of people doing this. The reason is valuing older relatives who can't travel to wherever the couple currently lives. So these two did part 1 in Florence Oregon where the grandparents live. This day, at Heceta Beach, was all about celebrating with immediate family.

As the photographer, my favorite part of this wedding was the sunset shoot. While the fog had moved in, I was excited with the light that comes from the sunset time and the fact that I had a huge diffuser! And we had so much fun and they were so willing to try new things.

Dear Rachel & Anthony,

Thank you so much for allowing me to part of the first step in your next chapter! Had so much fun capturing your special day with your family and doing a special sunset shoot. May you always cherish each other, your family and your time together.

Many blessings,


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