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COVID-19 and Weddings

Can I take a minute and just acknowledge that this year has been just downright discouraging? Not even just from a business perspective although that hasn't been great either. But this year in general has been hard on most everyone. First the shutdown. Minimal social life for 2 months. Then the slow reopening and reconnecting. Now the masks across everyone's faces. The fear lurking behind someone's eyes. The stark reality that what we knew as normal may never come back.

Now add the business perspective, shutdown right as bookings usually pick up. People start wondering if their wedding will happen. Would they rather get married now then have big celebration later? Or would they rather postpone and have the originally planned wedding later? For some wedding vendors, there is concern about pressing on with weddings in 2020. Others have had most of their 2020 season become their 2021 season.

For Stephanie Ford Photography, this is the hardest season yet for weddings. When Covid hit, I had 3 weddings booked. One of those has since cancelled due to Covid. Shortly after that cancellation, I booked another wedding. That couple broke up and cancelled their wedding less than a week later. All of this leaving me feeling disheartened about the 2020 wedding season in general.

I love weddings and the happiness that surrounds them! So much laughter and love. A time to gather together, to celebrate, to commemorate that love, to dance, to laugh, to hug family, to cry with joy. These are the things that I hope to capture on a wedding day as a photographer. Despite feeling discouraged, I will continue to offer wedding photography and hope to serve many more couples in the future!

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