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Podcasts that I LOVE!

I don't know about you, but I'm becoming addicted to podcasts! They are perfect for listening to on long car trips (or on long walks these days). Makes the time go faster. Keeps my brain engaged. And, best of all, I usually learn something from each one.

So what are my favorites? Well, I'm constantly finding more. But here are my top 3:

1) Dave Ramsey: Host Dave Ramsey is an author, radio host, and businessman. I started listening to him last fall and read his book Total Money Makeover. (See my other blog on my debt journey here.) It is an ongoing journey.

2) She Creates Business: Hostess Kinsey Roberts is a wedding venue co-owner turned podcaster who uses her podcast to encourage and help other wedding professionals. So many wonderful discussions with wedding vendors about how to help each other's businesses.

3) Marie Forleo Podcast: Hostess Marie Forleo is a multipassionate entrepreneur, author of Everything is Figureoutable, and a dynamic business woman. She covers business topics as well as personal ones.

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