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Cocciolo Family Session ~ Florence OR

This family was in town to celebrate the patriarchs' 70th birthday! As part of that celebration, they wanted to get group family pictures. Loved how this family coordinated their clothing to match and made sure to include the grandchildren. Hope that these will be memories this family cherishes for years to come.

This is part of why I became a photographer. These are the moments that matter. Celebrating with everyone together. These are the moments that not every person gets. Maybe a grandparent passes while a grandchild is young. Or family is self-conscious about having pictures taken. My family was this way. I do not have many generational family pictures of myself and my grandparents. Hardly any immediate family pictures past a certain age either.

Long after the event/celebration/special day, there are memories. But photos are able to capture that moment for posterity and can often aid in remembering details that otherwise might've been forgotten. Consider making it a priority to have regular family/multi-generational photos taken with your family.

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