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Personal Brand Photography: What Is It and How Can It Help YOUR Business?

What is personal brand photography? Maybe you have heard this new term recently on social media. If you are a business owner who uses social media, an influencer, an author, a blogger, or anyone who needs images for promotional purposes, then personal brand photography is your new friend. This branch of photography combines 3-5 different stories/themes that represent you/your brand for your audience in one session.

Example stories/themes can include: behind the scenes, family, pets, hobbies, home life, anything that is a connection point between you and your clients. These images then can be used in any way to promote via social media, website, email newsletters, promotions items, etc. The uses are endless. You get commercial usage of these images. AND this might be the only time where a photographer will give you the RAW files if you desire to edit them in a specific style yourself.

So, why should you consider a personal brand photoshoot as a business owner?

1) You have a huge selection of images for posting on social media (as well as anywhere else). If you are anything like me, sometimes it is a struggle to know what images you are going to use on your upcoming social media platforms. One session can reap you 60+ images. Posting everyday, that is 2 months worth of content.

2) You gain time. By having a selection of images to pull from, you can plan content out and then forget about it. You also only have to take time to be "camera ready" once. Then during the session, you can change looks to add to the diversity of images.

3) You get control of the images. You can edit them (if you wish) and have unlimited use of the images, unlike most other photo sessions.

4) Your customers get to see you! It is all about the know-like-trust factor in today's world. Everywhere we turn, we are being marketed to. So do your clients know you? Like you? Trust you? Can they relate to you? By sharing you, your clients start to relate to you, like you and eventually trust you. Once that happens, they will buy from you!

This is a partnership between myself, as the photographer, and you to promote your brand. Through a series of questions and discussion, we develop a plan and 3-5 stories/themes that you want to feature in your session. I offer three personal brand photo session options. It is recommended that the experience be done bi-annually or quarterly so you always have fresh content to share with your audience. For more information, feel free to reach out and let's chat!

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