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Romanian Wedding ~ Monica & Joe ~ Philadelphia Romanian Pentecostal Church, Portland OR

This was my first Romanian wedding. It was a great learning experience as there are several differences between most of the weddings I've shot and a Romanian wedding. First thing to know is that the ceremony is much more ceremonial. There are several mini speeches interspersed with musical performances. The ceremony can last 1.5 to 2 hours. Second thing to know is the reception is about the food. It is considered rude to not eat. And you will not leave hungry. It is a feast that keeps on giving. Dancing and toasts are not normally a part of the reception in this culture. Food and fellowship are key.

Dear Monica & Joe,

Thank you for hiring me to be your wedding photographer! I so enjoyed getting to know you and your family. Your ceremony was so beautiful and special. I hope you will always remember this day with fondness and continue to grow closer together in this next chapter of your lives.



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