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Recommended Vendors

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In effort to help brides who are looking for specific types of vendors, I am creating an ever-growing list of vendors that I have personally met. I also keep an updated list on my website at:

Cake & Cupcakes

Sewell Sweets - Catherine Sewell

Chalkboard Artist

Artful.Virgo - Lisa Peppard


Tres Belle Cookies - Michelle Barnes


Epik DC Productions DJ Service - Chris

Fallon Love Productions - Fallon Love


Red's Creations - Red

Teton Wood Blooms - April

Hair & Makeup

Victoria Lou Hair - Victoria Rosenbalm

Jovana Combs Beauty - Jovana Combs


Gemini Design House - Cynthia Kessler-Elliott


Sarah Nadler


House of Elliot - Nicole Stachowiak

Wedding Coordinator

Daisy May Events - Jenny Dversdal

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