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Recommended Venues

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In effort to help brides who are looking for specific types of venues, I am creating an ever-growing list of venues that I have personally visited/photographed. If you have questions about these venues from a photographer's point of view, feel free to message me.


Portland City Grill - Portland, OR


The Water Oasis - Newberg, OR

Ainsworth House - Portland, OR

Gray Gables - Portland, OR

Riverview Restaurant - Portland, OR

Rancho de Amor - Jefferson, OR

Clear Lake Gardens - Eugene, OR

Dorris Ranch - Eugene, OR

Big K Ranch - Elkton, OR

Honeyman Park - Florence, OR

Camp Lane - Walton, OR


Bridal Veil Lakes - Portland, OR

Knoll Crest Gardens - Portland, OR

Mt Pisgah - Eugene, OR

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