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Christmas Wedding ~ Elizabeth & Ron ~ Central Lutheran Church, Eugene OR

I have known this couple individually for little over 2 years. Ron personally trained me at my previous day job. Once I was trained though, I didn't see or talk to Ron on a daily basis as he worked out of another location. Elizabeth and I met when she and her team rotated through the office where I worked and became good friends who communicated online during and after work.

Then one day, she said "I have a crush on someone" and told me who. And she asked my opinion on whether I thought they could potentially be a good fit. After thinking for a moment about what I knew of both their histories, their character, their faith, their love for animals; I told her "yes, I think you would be a good fit for each other." She nervously asked if I would drop the hint to him. I agreed.

I'm not sure Ron knew what hit him that morning when I sent him a text message to let him know that someone in the building had a crush on him. Later that afternoon, he called me on the work phone and asked who it was. It was clearly driving him crazy! He thought he might know who and he was right. Next, he asked well where should I start. I suggested coffee. Then it took him 2 months to get beyond his own fear to ask her out for coffee (even though he knew he had a "yes" waiting for him). From then, these two had a beautiful relationship growing quickly toward marriage.

Dear Elizabeth & Ron,

I am beyond blessed to be a part of your story! You both are special people and deserve someone who brings you the happiness that I see in your faces when you are together. Hold onto that. Cherish each other. And remember that you are human and give grace. May your next chapter be beautiful together!



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