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Choosing Your Florist

Your flowers can set the tone of your wedding, and Pinterest can make choosing flowers seem overwhelming! Rest assured, it doesn’t have to be! Choosing the right florist and having the right selection of photos can make this part of planning easy and fun. Here are a few tips for finding your style and selecting your florist.

1. Determine your style.

Pinterest it up! Create a board with your favorite photos. It’s OK to add a lot! Your favorite photos and style may change as you browse, and your wedding day vision becomes clearer. Add the photos you love as you browse. Walk a way for a few days, then return and choose your very favorite photos. Delete any that you don’t love. Remember to include your color scheme!

Still having trouble tying it all together? Start with your bridal bouquet and then choose other pieces that compliment it.

These photos will help your florist understand your style better than using words to describe it. Elegant, rustic, wild, etc. can be interpreted in very different ways!

2. Look for a florist whose work you LOVE!

Search for florists on social media or wedding sites and browse photos of their work. It should be the same style as the photos you’ve chosen, and it’s important you love their work! Here’s why: we work best when you trust our creative abilities and eye for design!

We work hard to bring your vision to life, including flower preferences, color schemes, greenery, and more. Those also need to be balanced with the flowers in season and your budget. If you love their work, you know they’ll create something perfect for you, even if they’re making substitutions or blending photos to make a custom bouquet. It’s peace of mind that it’ll make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.

What should you have with you when you meet with a florist?

  • Photos of bouquets, centerpieces, etc. you love

  • The number and types of pieces you need

  • Color swatches/schemes

  • Budget

3. Consider alternative flowers.

This is a quickly growing trend, and it’s easy to see why! Wood flowers, dried flowers and greenery, or high-quality silk flowers are just as beautiful as real flowers, and they can be enjoyed for years to come! They also look so realistic that wedding guests can’t believe they’re not real.

If you’ve never seen them, make a quick search on Pinterest or Etsy! As a wood florist, one of the benefits I see brides enjoy is choosing the exact color shades of their flowers and not having to worry about which are in season. Each option has other distinct benefits as well. With any alternative floral options, your bouquet can become a centerpiece in your home that you can cherish as long as your wedding day memories!

I hope this helps you choose a florist to whom you can entrust with your vision so that you can enjoy the planning process and feel beautiful on your wedding day!

April Preuss

Teton Wood Blooms

@TetonWoodBlooms on Facebook and Instagram

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