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5 Reasons to Consider a Micro-wedding/ Elopement

1. Budget - Perhaps the #1 reason to consider a micro-wedding/elopement is budget! The average wedding in Oregon costs $28,526 according to That is the same as a new car! And third of couples getting married go into debt to pay for the wedding according to

As someone who has financial coach training, it is important for couples to think about their goals. What is next: buying a house, new car? Do you have an emergency fund or debt? A wedding is not something to go into debt for. When you look at the bigger picture of your future together, what do you want? Then prioritize the wedding day accordingly. Put your budget where it matters most to you.

2. Intimacy - Maybe you and/or your partner are more reserved? Or you want to do a first look/private vow exchange. Then is the perfect way to ensure that your day is more low-key and enjoyable for you both. It is easier to maintain a certain level of privacy and fewer watching eyes if there are less people around to begin with. This also allows for emotions to show more freely in those moments.

3. Better experience - As the bride/groom there will be less stress/less details to cover for hundreds of guests and a bigger event. It is also easier to design the day as you and your partner want it...less rigid/more fluid. As a guest, you also get to experience more of the closeness and time with the newlyweds when there are fewer people in attendance. It is a lot easier for the couple to personally connect with group of 30 than it is a group of 150 or more.

4. Diverse Locations - When you don't have to plan for 150 or more guests, you have a lot more options available. Instead of a big venue capable of handling larger groups, you could consider a rental property with a view that can house everyone or a larger dining room at a favorite restaurant to host a small reception after your choice of outdoor ceremony location. Or even 3+ locations for different purposes; one for getting ready and first look, one for ceremony and portraits and one for reception. Plus, these other options also tie back to option #1, which will be easier on your budget.

5. More YOUnique! - Ultimately, going micro can allow you to really make this day as personal as you want it to be. Emphasize what matters most to you: florals, food, location/aesthetic; cake/desserts; family/friend time; portraits; etc. Your wedding is about you and your partner after all. What is most important to you? Then figure out your budget and go from there.

If you'd like help discussing different options outside the norm, let me know! I'd be happy to chat about your ideas and offer some other options that I have seen couples do. Feel free to email me at

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