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McKim Wedding ~ Skyler & Robert ~ Bare Park, Myrtle Creek OR

"These are the hands that..." This was the beginning of the lines the officiant used to have bride and groom consider their respective roles/gifts they were giving to each other. Hands that will make your meals, wash your clothes, fix the sink, or hold you when you are sad. Hands are the things that do...for yourself, and others. Maybe take a minute and thank your partner (if you are married, engaged, etc) for their hands.

This couple's wedding was a mix of fun, rustic, details and pranks. Their personality shown through during the day as they celebrated with family and friends. As a photographer, my favorite part of their day was shooting the garter removal. His actions combined with her expression equals priceless. Second favorite part was watching how Robert held his new bride as they danced. So sweet.

Dear Skyler & Robert,

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of your wedding day so that I could capture the fun spirit of the day. I hope you both continue to cherish each other as well as make each other laugh on a regular basis. Thank you for your open door policy and your live life to the fullest outlook.

Best wishes on your new life together!


Cake and cupcakes: Wendy Harris

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