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Oregon Coast Wedding ~ Jennifer & Michael ~ Driftwood Shores, Florence OR

He came to this marriage with two sons, who were his groomsmen. She knew she wasn't just marrying him. She was also adopting them as family. In her vows, she included her new sons. Her vows weren't just to her new husband, but to them as well. This was a celebration for family and close friends.

Behind the scenes: this couple is from out of state. The bride, an avid pug lover, couldn't bring her pugs with her and have them in the ceremony. Knowing that I also love dogs, she asked if I could find a local pug to stand in for some pics on her wedding day. Upon placing an request on a local Facebook page, a local family offered to let us borrow one of their pugs for some pictures on the wedding day.

Dear Jennifer & Michael (and family)- thank you for asking me to be a part of your day and capture the emotions of these moments for you. May you always treasure each other as much as you did that day. Many blessings as you move forward as a new family!

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