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Jara Wedding ~ Arcelia & Jeffrey ~ First Presbyterian Church, Roseburg OR

Standing halfway up the short staircase on the railroad car, he looked off in the distance. Nervous energy radiated off of him. He had been waiting for this day for a while. Now it was here. And his bride arrived.

She climbed carefully up the staircase on the opposite side of the rail car and slowly approached him from behind. At this point, he wiped his eyes. They were happy tears. He turned to see his bride for the first time in her gown.

Using the locomotive for the first look and group formals was truly a unique idea and experience. With the ceremony and reception happening indoors, we really wanted an outdoor location for the first look and formals. Tre train is located at a Stewart Park in Roseburg. The brilliance of this idea is the variety of different places to pose people and alternating various heights.

Dear Arcelia & Jeff,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day! May you always light up each other's lives. Be there for each other and support each other. It was so much fun shooting your engagement and your wedding memories. Best wishes on your future together!


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