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Portfolio Spotlight With An Attractive Girl And Her Stunning Dog! ~ Hillsboro, OR

It is interesting how in life we make friends, then while life takes us separate directions, we stay friends via Facebook. And yet, how well do we stay connected to that person through Facebook? I had a chance to reconnect with a high school friend this past weekend and you would never guess the "what" that got us talking.

Unbeknownst to me, when I downloaded a particular app to see what it was about, it sent invites to my FB peeps inviting them to download that same app. She messaged asking what the app was and I apologized as I hadn't intentionally invited anyone nor was even sure I was going to keep said app. But that led to the "how are you?" conversation and from there she mentioned enjoying my photography and being interested in some portraits. I mentioned I was going to be coming to Portland soon and the rest fell into place. Without that conversation, I may not have known she wanted portraits.

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