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Fisherman Themed Wedding ~ Darci & Casey ~ Honeyman State Park, Florence OR

"To share your catch, to faithfully bait your hook, to clean your catch...." A line from the couple's vows. Followed by laughs from the audience. What a unique way to incorporate their theme into the vows.

This couple had a fisherman's wedding at Woahink Lake with decorations reflecting their love for fishing. And they made their dog, Tiller, an integral part of their day. Many unique details reflected their theme: goldfish in the vases, a paddle for guests to sign, a fishing basket to hold cards, and let's not forget the cake. A perfect way to display their unique personalities and passion.

Dear Darci & Casey - Thank you for asking me to share in your day and capture your special memories! It was so much fun getting to know you, your family and friends. Many happy fishing days ahead!

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