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Emerging Need For Improved Vision Results In New Things.

Last year was a year of change and, in some ways, contraction. After moving from Portland metro to Florence, I put my photography business aside to focus on my new job, new surroundings and personal debt. Fast forward a year and half later, this is a year of growth and expansion! This year, I started a better job with less stress and more pay, and decided to bring my business back out and really bring it to life. In July, my website went live after being "in progress" for over a year. That was such a huge feeling of accomplishment! Next came the question of what would I like to focus on primarily. Yes, I have done a variety: portraits, weddings, events, and maternity. But what did I really want to specialize in?

August brought an opportunity to shoot another wedding and once again, I enjoyed capturing those once-in-a-lifetime memories. With these past few months being a time of focus on what is needed for my business, I began to see that to truly do my best, one of the next steps was going to be a new camera! My first camera, a Nikon D3100, was gifted to me by a special friend and was a great platform for getting started. Now, I am stepping it up and upgrading to a Nikon D750. I won't go into all the why's of choosing this camera. However, it allows me to feel better equipped to capture those special moments. Here are some of the first's taken with this new camera. Stay tuned for upcoming photos and news on what is next!

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