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A (Free) Gift From Me To You

Newly engaged?! Excited? Nervous? Realizing that there is all these decisions to make before "I do"? Stop. Take a breath. Take another. All right. Step #1 is to have a game plan! Before you make any decisions, the two of you should decide on a budget for your wedding. This will influence every choice from here. A cool resource for helping you think about what you will spend money on and how much it will cost: Wedding Cost Estimator

Have a budget decided on? Awesome! Now what? Now, you start making choices about things that are most important to you about your special day. Those things will likely end up costing more than other wants on your list. Where will the biggest chunks of your budget go? This is the time to create a vision of your day. Indoor or outdoor? Time of year? Location? Venue is usually one of the first things a couple chooses when planning their wedding. So if you have a venue you want (and that fits your budget), book early.

Once you have made that decision, think about whether you (and your budget) would like a wedding planner. If you can, use one. This will save you from the being the "go-to" person on your wedding day. Remember your wedding day only happens once. Plan to enjoy it! It will fly by. Delegate the running of the day to someone else.

From here, your priorities and budget dictate your next vendor, but usually it is a photographer. Maybe also a videographer. The wedding day will pass by quickly so make sure you have someone capturing those moments for years to come! Consider researching photographers in your state and check out their style. Then reach out to those whose style you like for prices.

You may be thinking "Ok, when do need to have all the vendors booked by?" Great question! Click here to get a free wedding planner printable that helps you know how far out to book which vendors for your wedding day. Come back next week for more wedding tips. :)

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