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Have You Been Wondering What A FIRST LOOK Is?

Have you heard the term "first look" and wondered what that is? In today's wedding world, a "first look" is an photo opportunity for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony and do some portraits. It is a special time between the bride and groom that sometimes comes with some emotions that are just precious.

So what happens in a first look? Once the location has been chosen, I have bride approach the groom (who is facing the opposite direction). Once she is close, she calls to him to turn around. This is a time for you two. I am capturing these moments but not directing anything. Once you tell me you are ready for portraits, I do some posed portraits of you both.

Once I have some portraits of you both, this is great time to get some full group bridal party photos and maybe also some family portraits if they are nearby. This is the biggest advantage to doing a first look before the ceremony. It allows for most of (if not all) the group photos to be done early while everyone is fresh. Usually it also creates more room in the schedule later on if the bride and groom want to do a "newly married" photo session at sunset or sometime during the reception.

Yes, there are clients who do not wish to mess with the tradition of not seeing the bride until she walks the aisle. Another big reason that the first look is becoming so popular is the ease of getting portraits done without the guests around or keeping the guests waiting at reception. If you choose a first look, you can go straight into reception with your guests to get the party started after the ceremony. No waiting around for portraits to be finished.

Hopefully that helps explain the first look and the reasons behind it. What is your vote? First look or no first look?

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