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RE: Alternate "First Look" Options

Last week I talked about a bride and groom "first look." Whether or not you decide to do a first look with your future bride/groom, here's something else to think about. A first look with your mom and/or dad. Can be equally emotional.

Maybe you have your mom helping you get ready. Whether it is zipping or buttoning your dress. Or perhaps putting on your veil. These are also great pictures. So perhaps doing a first look with your father then, if he is walking you down the aisle.

Ultimately, some of these memories can be candid yet created. Part of this will come down to knowing your family and whether they will react. It is also about what images you want and will treasure. Would you rather see your mom's tears of seeing you for the first time in your gown on your wedding day or would you rather have her helping you button the dress?

There are so many wonderful ways to create additional moments on your wedding day. Moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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