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5 Reasons Why You Need a Second Shooter

In the earlier days of my business, some potential clients would ask for packages without a second shooter. This was an effort to save money. Part of me understood their point of view. But the photographer/business owner in me wanted say, you are missing out! Here are some reasons why you NEED a second shooter at your wedding:

1. One photographer cannot be everywhere at once. A second shooter is able to cover another area while main photographer is occupied. Example: main photographer is photographing the bride and her bridesmaids while second shooter is photographing the groom and the groomsmen.

2. A second shooter means more angles on the ceremony and reception. With two photographers, we can give you more variety and different perspectives during the ceremony and reception without having to move around as much. It is our goal to do our jobs without being a distraction to the guests.

3. Help gathering folks for group photos. Sometimes the hardest part of the day is getting everyone together for group shots. A second shooter can be a go between and help keep the portraits moving along so that the timeline stays on track.

4. More candids. With a second shooter, there are two of us to capture those spontaneous moments. The reactions to toasts. Kiddos being kiddos. And any other unplanned sweet moments.

5. Ultimately it means more photos. This is where the value really becomes real. With a second shooter, there is ultimately more photos taken which equals more photos delivered. More memories from your special day.

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