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5 Reasons To Do An Engagement Session

In the past, I've been asked why I include an engagement session in my wedding packages. Some couples have explained they won't need one because a friend or family member already did some pictures for them. Here are few reasons why I believe it is important to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer.

1. Establish relationship. Prior to the wedding day, there is a series of communication touch points. Most of this happens via email or phone. But one of these is the engagement session. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know what is like being around your photographer. (Remember they will be around most of your wedding day. So hopefully you like them.)

2. Befriend the camera. Some people are nervous in front of the camera. Weird, right? No, not at all! This is your chance to start getting comfortable before the big day.

3. Think of it as a date! This is a great opportunity to dress up and have fun together. It is always about looking at the camera. You are often looking at each other or even making each other laugh. This is a special time. Enjoy this season of life!

4. You get to see yourself in the pictures! You have probably seen the photographer's portfolio/website. But it is very different to see yourself in the pictures. These pictures can be used on save the dates, invites, reception décor, or perhaps a guest book.

5. Express yourselves. You get to pick the location, your outfits, and the details. Some people share more special features during an engagement session than others, but details enhance the story.

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