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6 Ways to Support Your Photographer/Small Business Friends Right Now

1. Leave a POSITIVE review on their social media pages so others will want to book them! This is as easy as write it once and copy/paste in all the places. For bonus, copy it on their Google Business Page and/or Yelp too.

This doesn't have to be long. Maybe 3-4 sentences that talks about what you loved about them, their work, the experience of working with them. Ultimately, what would you say to someone else asking for a recommendation about who you used for XYZ.

2. Give a video shoutout via your stories. Talk about their style, personality, and/or experience you had working with them.

Same as above only using video if you are brave! I know... I know... video is intimidating, but you know what? Video says so much more than written words. Seriously! We hear your voice, your feelings, your convictions that we can't hear when we read your words.

3. Repost some of their work that are your faves and tag them!

Grab 1-2 photos and share them. Share why that moment or photo means so much to you. Use it as an opportunity to highlight someone else in the photo too.

4. Be active on their social media by liking and commenting on their posts. It DOES help!

Algorithms...the bane of a small business owner and trying to create content. We struggle with creating content that will not only reach those who already like our pages, but reach new potential clients and friends.

5. Book a future session with them or purchase a gift certificate for a friend.

We all want business to return to normal. Book a future session: anniversary, couples, reunion, boudoir, etc. So many options. I also offer gift certificates for gifts (for future use or for friends...).

6. Support them by ordering some prints or albums (or other tangible goods). Ask about any special promos!

Lots of businesses including suppliers are offering promos right now which means we can turn around and offer you promos. Interest in a particular product, ask!

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