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2 Biggest Regrets of Past Brides

During a recent online discussion, I had the opportunity to see what some of the top regrets were of past brides. So let them tell you what they would do differently if they did it again:

#1: Hire a Videographer! Around 40% of the respondents commented that they regret not hiring a videographer. This was the number one response to the post! Aside from photos, video is the other way you will be able to replay the day for years to come. Something to consider: you don't have to hire someone for the entire wedding. Maybe just hire them to record the ceremony.

~I am planning to offer videography services to my brides in 2021!

#2: Do a First Look! At least 6 ladies responded that they regret not doing a first look. Because of either time limitations later in the day or wishing they had had more time with their soon to be husband throughout the day. If your ceremony is later in the day (closer to sunset), you may want to consider a first look to make sure you have portraits of you and your spouse together. Otherwise, if you wait until after the ceremony, you may not have much time prior to losing the last of the sunlight.

#3: Have a Bridal Session or Boudoir Session. Each of these was mentioned once in the discussion but I wanted to discuss these options. Bridal session is an opportunity for the bride to take advantage of the hair/makeup trial and put on the dress for a special bride only photo session. She gets to see the whole ensemble and be the star of the show!

Boudoir session is an amazing experience that highlights you as a woman. It can center around a theme (i.e. his work, sports, car, etc.) or simply emphasize your femininity. Each session has enough time for 3 outfits and multiple poses in each outfit. This time is perfect for you to feel sexy and can make an awesome gift for your fiance!

These are both options available through Stephanie Ford Photography!

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