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5 Tips for Planning Your Proposal

It is exciting capturing proposals! After shooting a few of these, I wanted to share a few things that I have learned by listening to the stories of prepping for this moment.

1. Pick a special spot with lovely surroundings, maybe doing something you enjoy.

2. Contact a photographer to capture these moments. Ask them for suggestions in that area if you are from outside the area.

3. Maybe plan some flowers or have the fiancé get her nails done (unless this would be a tip off).

4. Bring along family/friends if you think she will suspect something.

5. Plan something like a nice dinner/date night as a reason for her to dress up if that is the look you desire for your photos.

Send the photographer a photo of the both of you so they know who they are looking for while also maintaining anonymity until after the proposal. Set a specific time/place where you and your soon-to-be fiancé will be so they know when/where to expect you. Messaging the photographer with information like what you are wearing or if you are carrying something can also help. Then just let the moment happen, and they will handle the rest. Plan enough time for some formal photos after the proposal. These make for great practice for a future engagement session and the wedding. Plus these make for great sharing on social media!

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