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Best & Worst Advice Received (by former brides)


  • It's your wedding do it your way! If you struggle with this, check out the Bridal Breakdown podcast.

  • Add an additional 5k to your budget for random things that you didn't plan for.

  • Something will go wrong, but it will still be the best day ever! Don't sweat the small stuff. This is why you have a planner/coordinator.

  • Do a first look, slow down and enjoy, look around at everyone during dinner and soak it in, EAT dinner.


  • Elope (when we had already put down thousands in deposits.)

  • You don't need a QR code for money dances. (We made thousands more with the QR code.)

The main piece of advice that was shared repeatedly is this: Relax, it is just a day. At the end, the most important thing is that you are married to your person. Be present and enjoy the moment and your loved ones.

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