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Intimate Elopement at Eola Hills Winery

I recently saw a post on a FB group asking for comments on what part(s) of a wedding day were unnecessary. As a wedding photographer, I was curious as to what the responses would be. Surprisingly, a majority of the comments followed a similar trend saying that the bulk of the wedding day was nonessential. When reading the explanations that some commenters shared, I found myself agreeing.

This couple, Jennifer and Lucas, kept their wedding day simple. And I think their wedding day was just perfect! Jennifer and Lucas chose to keep it modest with immediate family only and enjoy a beautiful venue with wine and charcuterie. The florals adorned the arch and the table only. Jennifer's dress was her mother's wedding dress refashioned for her. The venue was shaded and private. And more importantly, the emotions were genuine.

My job as a wedding photographer is to document. I want my couple to truly experience their day and feel the photos genuinely reflect their feelings on that day/moment. With this in mind, I keep my tips and posing easy so that the couple is comfortable. And I am constantly checking in with my couple about what vision they have and their comfort level.

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