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New Vibrant Look Leads To Exciting Timely Growth!

You may have seen the name changes happening on various places in social media land. Yes, I am re-branding. When I originally started this business, I called it Stephanie Ford Photography until I found out that URL wasn't available. At that time, I went with Ford Image. Since really launching my business in July 2017, I have been asked (by non-friends who see my window cling), what is Ford Image?

That was the start of a revelation that even with a film strip around my logo, people didn't know what I did just by my name and film strip. That combined with some feedback from another photographer led me back to using my name and "photography" in the name of the business. My search started once more. This time, Stephanie Ford Photography URL was available! I almost couldn't believe it. In time, you will see a new logo and new watermark. Here's to exciting change that leads to growth!

*Special thanks to Southern Skies Designs for the new logo!*

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