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Tips from a Wedding Coordinator...

Wedding planning can be confusing and hard, like really hard for a lot of couples. Sure, we've all had some sort of thought about what our wedding day should look like thanks to rom-com movies and Pinterest but who would have thought that it involves so many logistics like contracts, outlines and timelines? That's where I come in. Hi! My name is Jenny Dversdal and I own Daisy May Events, LLC. I am a wedding coordinator but more like your wedding chaos coordinator/extraordinaire. I'm the person you hire generally half way to your wedding date and you're just starting to panic and realize "what am I actually doing, what am I missing and can't someone do this for me?".

I've been coordinating weddings all around Oregon and SW Washington since 2016. From backyard do-it-yourself weddings to urban venues downtown, I've seen a lot and have definitely learned a lot to help my clients with each wedding that comes my way. I'd like to share a few things that may be helpful during your wedding planning process and especially on the big day.

First of all:

1) Ask for help! Your fiancé may have been like mine and was totally not into color palettes, flower combos or centerpieces. Ask your wedding party to bring some glue-guns and wine and build those centerpieces together!

2) Organize your life, at least your wedding life. Keep those contracts in one file or notebook (and please actually read them). Also, label your decor boxes so your coordinator and helpers know where to set your items and display them the way you had imagined. Keep monthly prioritized lists of tasks that need to be done and remember to check them off.

3) Do your research and meet with vendors in person, find the ones who have awesome reviews and share your vibe and hire them well in advance.

4) Pay for the trials and taste testings, it's totally worth it. You want to look and feel your best on the biggest day ever especially for those forever photographs and have the best quality of food/service that your guests will never forget.

One more final tip:

5) Please, please, please have someone within your party be at your fittings and know exactly where the bustles are in your dress. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked to help with the bustles during the reception and they can be difficult to find! It may even be helpful to ask your seamstress to tie a small blue thread around them to find them a lot easier.

Your wedding day however you choose it to be, whether it be big, small or somewhere in between should be full of love, laughter and memories

. Make it your own and make it unique. Don't stress about the other stuff and find yourself a coordinator who you trust and fits your style.

If you're in the midst of planning or just starting, I'd love to help keep you and your fiancé organized, on track and with a little less stress. You can find more information about me at

Jenny Dversdal

Owner of Daisy May Events, LLC

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