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Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Why not hire your friend with a camera who shoots landscape? There are several more skills to shooting a wedding than to shooting a landscape. Most photographers start by learning on landscapes. (And, in my personal opinion, Oregon is a great state for this!) As a landscape photographer, the biggest things to think about is the landscape, the light and the composition.

But with weddings there is so much more to think about! As a wedding photographer, I am thinking about flattering poses, the bride's dress/groom's suit (i.e. no weird wrinkles), the bride's hair, jewelry/engagement ring (i.e. necklaces hanging straight), the light, the background/landscape, and composition. ALL of that at the same time! While also making sure we are keeping track of the timeline and doing my best to create a fun experience.

So when considering the extra cost of hiring a professional wedding photographer, please remember that specialized skillset is a HUGE part of what you are acquiring. And these are the memories that you will have for years to come. These photos are what you will have to share with your children and grandchildren.

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