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Why Hire a Wedding Videographer?

When running a poll on couples' greatest regrets from their wedding, the most common responses were:

  1. Not hiring a photographer. With this comment, couples wished they had hired a better photographer, added more hours of coverage, or even added a second shooter.

  2. Not hiring a videographer.

At the end of the wedding, the food/cake will be eaten (unless you saved some), the flowers will wilt (unless they are not real), and the dress most likely will never be worn again. What remains to show people in the future is your photos and/or video. Photos are great at capturing the moment and freezing time. And some photographers do capture the vibe of the day. But if you want to feel, hear, and experience the day again, then a wedding video is a MUST.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about hiring a wedding photographer vs. your friend who has a nice camera because they bring a whole different skillset to the day. A good videographer is thinking about all the same things your photographer is, plus one more HUGE consideration: Audio. Photos capture a moment in time; video captures the movement, the laughter, the voices, the emotions, the tears, and the vibe in a way that goes beyond what photos can.

When thinking about video, think about what moments you want to most remember. The vows. The toasts. First look. Personal letters to each other. Your first dance. So many precious moments happen in rapid succession on a wedding day. Talk to your videographer about what films/edits are included. Do you want a highlight film (overview of the day)? A ceremony film (ceremony only)? A toast film? Do you want drone coverage (provided your venue allows it)? If you want drone, is your videographer FAA-certified?

The final piece is then making sure there is open communication between video and photo (if not provided by the same company). Between photo and video, you could have 3-5 people capturing different moments and it helps to have open dialogue early on.

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