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Press ON!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (@stephaniefordphotography), you have probably noticed that my content this week has been about a very difficult topic: Discouragement. At the end of last week/beginning of the week, I realized that I wasn't sure what to share this week due to lack of new photography content. So I felt discouraged. And my mentor challenged me to share about that. Then I realized I am not alone. We all feel discouragement in various ways in our personal lives, our businesses, our relationships, etc. This is a constant human struggle.

It is so easy for us to sink back to our comfort zone in times of struggle. Letting our inner voice to tell us that we can't improve. We don't know what we are doing. Everyone is right when they say we will fail. We can't possibly make a difference so why try. And on and on it goes. We allow discouragement to win.

The challenge during these times is to press on. We have to buckle down and push through the discomfort. We need to lock arms with others around us and lift each other up/push each other forward. This is the time to reach out to your support team/friends/etc and ask for help/encouragement. By the way, you don't have a support team - make it a priority! Everyone needs someone they can be vulnerable with, but also have that person be able to tell you when you need to step up.

Discouragement can point out a limiting belief within you. So stop and ask yourself why you are feeling discouraged. In my case, I was believing without new photography content, I had nothing of value to share. And all of the sudden, I had a personal blog post. LOL! But in reality, I am the person behind this business, and I also have struggles. And I hope by sharing this, you feel that you aren't alone in whatever struggle you are facing today. Stay tuned for tomorrow's social media post :)

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