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Introvert in Business

In case you didn't know, I'm an introvert. If you are familiar with Myers Briggs, then I am an INFJ. I used to tell people that I am shy. People didn't believe me. As a child, I was definitely shy. As an adult, I know how to be personable and so some might think I am an extrovert. So there is a word for being able to be extroverted even as an introvert: ambivert. But part of that came with pushing myself to get out and mingle. My chosen method was networking.

When I lived in Portland in 2013-2015, I really did a lot of networking. For me, it was a great opportunity to be around other entrepreneurs, learn about networking, and meet other people. While at the time I wasn't doing photography as a business, it was a multifaceted learning experience going to a variety of different networking groups.

Now, that I am in a smaller town, I don't have the same opportunities for networking in person. However, through my business, there is a whole new level of interacting with people. The challenge with being in business is knowing how much to share and when. My desire to for my clients to be friends. Yes, an introvert wants friends. Good friends. Close friends. People I can confide in when times are harder. Don't we all? But as an introvert, it is hard to decide what to share sometimes. So that is where I am starting...with the fact that I am an introvert. And I don't always know what to share on a personal level.

It is really hard for me to know what to share. I am sure that sometimes I am overthinking this. But I also ask myself what would my friends want to know about me? What would they find interesting? What is going on in my life beyond business? (Sometimes, it doesn't seem like much?) So if you would, maybe message me or drop a comment and suggest a topic you'd like to hear/read more about. :)

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