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How are YOU?? How can I help?

I think for most it is safe to say that this hasn't been an easy week. So much uncertainty right now with everything related to COVID-19. Uncertainty about what to do. Uncertainty about business. Uncertainty about income. Uncertainty about safety. It feels overwhelming and discouraging. And if we aren't careful, it would be really easy to let fear take hold and control us.

Instead, we can use this time for reflection and refocus. I know, easier said than done. But most of us have projects that have been put on hold, or are on the bottom of a to do list waiting for when we aren't busy. I know some more than others are dealing with questions from employees, clients, etc about company policies and moving forward.

Most of us probably never thought about this type of event and how it would affect our businesses, family, income, etc. So many ramifications. But the challenge right now is to maintain a positive outlook. Remember what is most, friends, etc. Reach out to them and talk. Then take time to focus on your blessings. Yes, you still have blessings right now even if things seem bleak.

What are those blessings? Food, shelter, hot water, health, family safety, heat, transportation, etc. Let's not lose sight of these many blessings we still possess. Thank God for them each day. Then open your heart and mind to see if you can do something for someone else. In that mindset now, I ask "how can I help you?" Are you struggling? Do you need someone to listen? Reach out to me at and let's chat.

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